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Где вин у бмв х5

Here’s how to win one of nine multi-million dollar prizes (PHOTOS)

Here’s how to win one of nine multi-million dollar prizes (PHOTOS)

Winning the lottery: it’s a well-rehearsed fantasy we all dream about from time to time.

But with the return of this year’s VGH Millionaire Lottery — which is on until Thursday, January 13, or until tickets sell out — that far-off reverie is soon to become a reality for one very lucky winner.

Among the prize packages are nine grand prize options, featuring a collection of extravagant homes across BC (the largest home prize is worth over $3 million) or a $2.7 million cash payday.

South Surrey home

First up is this South Surrey mansion, by Brickhouse Building. Located in an established Ocean Park neighbourhood and boasting four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, and 3,765 sq ft of space, the home is the epitome of West Coast living.

This multi-millionaire lifestyle is also complete with a hot tub and backyard putting green. Not to mention, it comes with over $85,000 in furnishings and an $85,000 cash bonus.

Vancouver sub-penthouse

City living at its finest, the winner of this two-level, sub-penthouse will get to enjoy its exceptional location, sensational views, private rooftop deck, spa-inspired bathrooms, and a kitchen worthy of a chef.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom downtown home also includes a prize package of $50,000 cash for furniture, a 2021 Mustang Mach-E (which you can park in one of two included parking spots), a $35,000 gift card towards a luxury vacation, and $850,000 cash.

Kelowna home

Tucked away in the sublime setting of Kelowna’s winding hills, orchards, and wineries is this 2,718 st ft dream home at Sunset Ranch. There’s no shortage of space in this five-bedroom, four-bathroom country home where you can soak in the views of the surrounding lake and valley.

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The three-level home is also replete with a pool and double garage. Its generous prize package includes a 2021 BMW x3 xDrive30i Sport Edition, a 2021 Porsche Taycan Electric — oh, and a mere $1.6 million cash.

Courtenay home

If you’ve been craving a closer relationship to nature, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom Courtenay home might just be your ticket. From tee-time on Crown Isle’s luxury golf course to kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking, or skiing, access to outdoor recreation is all part of what makes this island home so special.

The prize winner will also be awarded a $50,000 design therapy furniture package, a 2022 Toyota Tacoma Off-Road Premium, a 2022 Duckworth 22 Pacific Navigator with electronics and finish gear, as well as a $1.5 million cash bonus.

Langley home

This Langley home has the best of both worlds: the charm of being moments away from an open country setting and the convenience of having shops, restaurants, and urban amenities within reach. The massive home (built by Landmark West) encompasses an expansive 5,148 sq ft, five bedrooms, and four-and-a-half bathrooms.

Another impressive perk is the home’s two-bedroom, one-bathroom legal basement suite. Included in the luxurious prize package is $80,000 cash for furniture, a 2021 Tesla Model 3 RWD, a 2021 BMW X5 xDrive40i, plus $425,000 in cash.

SookePoint ocean cottage

It doesn’t get more breathtaking than this Moonlight Bay ocean cottage on Vancouver Island. The cliffside vacation home yields unparalleled ocean views and 1,041 sq ft of fully furnished, contemporary design and living. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it comes with a 2021 BMW x3 xDrive30i and $1.85 million in cash.

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North Vancouver condo

This 1,127 sq ft North Vancouver condo is the embodiment of waterfront living where beaches, trails, and nature converge to bring you the best of serene urban living.

The luxurious two-bedroom, two-bathroom home at Cascade at the Pier is bright, modern, and teeming with European finishes. The home’s lucky winner will also score $50,000 cash for furniture, a 2021 Tesla Model 3 RWD, and $1.5 million in cash.

White Rock penthouse

The oasis that is this White Rock penthouse (at Soleil) gives way to 1,655 sq ft of pure luxury — and that’s not even including the infinite cityscape and oceanic views that can be seen from its 1,283 sq ft rooftop patio.

The vibrant neighbourhood is alive with restaurants, cafes, and entertainment — all of which are within walking distance. Alongside the home, the winning ticket also includes a 2021 Tesla Model X Long Range and a $150,000 cash prize.

Cash prize

The beauty of a cash prize is that you can transform it into whatever you want — within a $2.7 million (tax-free) limit. From a custom-built home to an opulent trip, the sky is the limit for the lucky winner of this grand prize.

Your Millionaire Lottery tickets support specialized adult health care and research at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), UBC Hospital, and GF Strong Rehab Centre.

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В принципе и здесь нет никаких строгих требований, хотя основными местами размещения этого кода принято считать левую сторону приборной панели, под ветровым стеклом либо на водительских дверях. По желанию производителя его можно наносить и на любой иной поверхности. Иногда VIN расположен на полу под сиденьем, в багажнике, под крыльями авто, главное, что все места, как и сам номер, указываются в технической документации. Иногда эту комбинацию цифр выбивают в не совсем удобных для обзора поверхностях. Это делается, чтобы угонщики не смогли подделать код.

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На фото - расположение вин-кода автомобиля, vincarfax.ru

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Фото вин-кода автомобиля на специальной табличке, drive2.ru

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